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My wife and I hired Matt Marin to handle a legal situation for our teenaged daughter, an out of state URI student, and couldn’t be more pleased with the results. Throughout the process Matt kept all of us fully informed about what to expect, he never over promised, and in the end his results were more than we had hoped for. He is an extremely capable professional, someone that I can enthusiastically recommend.

Matt really puts in the extra effort to take care of his clients. Very personable and extremely educated. Doesn’t miss a beat when it comes down to even the smallest detail. I would recommend him to anyone.

Matt is a very intelligent and concise attorney that you want on your side. His knowledge of the law and statutes is very impressive and his work ethic is stellar. In my particular situation, I knew my 4th amendment rights of probable cause was violated by law enforcement. I knew I had a very difficult case to defend and did not know who to turn to. That’s when I read the positive reviews, not only from his clients, but from his fellow attorneys. During the plea process, Mr. Marin held his ground and did not relent to the prosecutions demands. The case eventually went to trial. During the trial he was well prepared to argue my case and get a dismissal of the charges. He’s a wonderful advocate and defender for those whose rights may have been violated by law enforcement.

Prior to this case, I had never had even the slightest experience with courts, lawyers, or trials in my entire life. Needless to say, I was very nervous and had an endless list of questions regarding possible outcomes and implications for my case. Matt was the consummate professional through every step of the process, from the arraignment, to the pre-trial conference, to preparing our strategy for trial, to the trial itself. I was extremely nervous about the potential damage that this case could do to me, but Matt was able to dispel my worries, not by simply placating me, but with honest, calm, and concrete words about how the proceedings were likely to unfold. Matt’s inside knowledge of how the courts work was invaluable, and my case did, in fact, proceed just as he predicted it would. I never doubted my innocence, but Matt was an indispensible ally in my fight to clear my name. I am extremely thankful that he was on my side.

The relentless efforts Attorney Marin put forth in handling my case were the workings of a true professional. Not only did he keep me up to date throughout the entire process from the day after receiving my DUI until the case was resolved, but he also offered realistic analysis both before and after his hiring. His efforts allowed me to keep my composure mentally and keep a grip on my life before it spiraled out of control. Perhaps most importantly, he produced an end result which gave me something a public defender and many other lawyers can’t always provide, a second chance. Don’t get me wrong this experience will certainly be used as a wake up call but Matthew allowed me to walk out of the situation with a great deal.

Truly a class act! Matt is an honest stand up professional (which can be a rarity in this day and age). Most importantly though, if you’re looking to put yourself in great hands the next time you take the courtroom Matthew Marin is the one to call.

I will tell everyone who gets into trouble to call Matt. He called back every time and answered all of my questions. This was my first arrest I had no clue what would happen. Matt walked me through everything, and the case went great. He saved me my job, and my record. Thank you Matt

I highly recommend Matt Marin. Every touch point I had with him was excellent from initial contact to the end of the process. He communicated clearly and in a timely manner, he followed up, he gave my case his full attention and was skillful in guiding me through the court system to a successful resolution of the problem that brought me to him in the first place. I would have given him 10 stars for his rating if I could!

When I was arrested, I thought my life was over. Being a first offender I didn’t know what to do, but I knew I needed professional help with my case. Matt returned my initial call to his office within minutes, even though it was on a Saturday, and assured me he would do everything in his power to assist me through my legal problems. He was on top of my case from the start, explaining exactly what the status of my case was, what issues we needed to address and what our strong points were, in a way that I could understand and deal with. Matt dug deep, negotiated hard, and at my trial, he was actually able to have my charges amended and FILED!!! No charges were filed against me and I received what I feel is a fair punishment for a first offense. I couldn’t be happier with my outcome, and it is because I chose Matthew T. Marin as my attorney. His professionalism, personal touch, and the fact that he genuinely cared about what happened to me make him the perfect choice for any legal issues a person may have. Thank you, Matt, for giving me my life back!!!!!!!