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New Shoreham DUI Lawyer

Maybe you had one beer too many. Maybe you did not think you had that much to drink. Either way, getting behind the wheel was a dangerous and potentially costly decision. Being charged with Driving Under the Influence in New Shoreham is no laughing matter. You need an attorney who will take your case and defend your rights seriously. You need New Shoreham DUI defense attorney Matthew Marin.

DUI Charges in New Shoreham

If you are being prosecuted for a DUI you could be sentenced with thousands of dollars in fines, the loss or suspension of your driver’s license, and the loss of your job or scholarship opportunities. This could be devastating to your financial and personal life – it is important that you secure a strong and knowledgeable defense from New Shoreham DUI defense attorney Matthew Marin.

A Commitment to Clients

In his representation of over 500 clients, New Shoreham DUI defense attorney Matthew Marin has fought for justice and second chances. Several of the cases he has represented resulted in:

  • Minimized fines
  • Jail alternatives
  • Dismissed charges

Matthew Marin has committed himself to furthering his education in the field of DUI law.

Call Marin

If you have been charged with a DUI offense, you need smart and dependable representation. Contact the New Shoreham DUI defense attorney James C. Marin today at 401.662.9006 to discuss your case and further legal options.