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Richmond DUI Lawyer

In Richmond, facing DUI charges is no laughing matter. Regardless of your situation, you need an attorney who will take your case seriously. You need the defense of Richmond DUI defense attorney Matthew Marin. Marin is dedicated to protecting his clients’ rights and defending their best interests. He is prepared to give his clients the attention and respect they need and deserve.

Strong Client Commitment

Richmond DUI defense lawyer Matthew Marin knows what is on the line for people charged with a DUI or other related offense. He has defended the rights of over 500 clients in his years of private practice. Attorney Matthew Marin’s commitment to protecting defendants’ livelihoods and liberties has resulted in:

  • Reduced fines
  • Jail alternatives
  • Dismissed charges

Dedicated to Learning and Serving

Matthew Marin exhibits and utilizes a dedication to education and in this particular area of the law. His unique understanding of police procedures provides his clients with a more thorough defense that encompasses all angles of the DUI case.

What Is At Stake

DUI laws in the state of Rhode Island are some of the toughest in the nation. If found guilty of a DUI, you could be fined thousands of dollars, lose your driver’s license, and face time in jail. There are other consequences associated with being convicted of a DUI in Richmond, such as being terminated from your job, losing a scholarship, or not being accepted into a university. Do not risk your education, livelihood, or freedom.

Contact Richmond DUI attorney Matthew Marin today at 401-287-4384.