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Rhode Island Breathalyzer Test Attorney

A Breathalyzer is a chemical test that estimates a person’s blood alcohol level (BAC) based on the amount of alcohol contained in the moisture of his or her breath. While Breathalyzer is the name of a specific brand of device, it has become a generic term for all breath-based alcohol tests. A Breathalyzer test can be used in two ways by police: to establish grounds for arresting a person for DUI, and as evidence in his or her trial.

If you have been accused of drunk driving based on Breathalyzer test results, you need the help of  a Rhode Island breathalyzer test attorney who understands these tests and their faults. To learn more, call the offices of Matthew Marin today at 401-287-4384.

Breathalyzer Tests and Rhode Island Law

In Rhode Island, anyone who operates a motor vehicle is assumed to be giving “implied consent” to a Breathalyzer test. This means that if the police want to administer such a test to you, you must comply or face legal penalties. Breathalyzer tests can be administered at the scene of an arrest, or at a police station following arrest.

A Breathalyzer test is not strictly necessary for a DWI arrest or conviction if you showed other signs of impairment after being pulled over. However, police will generally use these tests in order to collect scientific evidence in pursuit of a conviction. It is important to note that handheld Breathalyzer tests are generally only used for preliminary evidence before an arrest; they may not be admissible evidence in court.

If you have been administered a Breathalyzer test before or after being arrested for drunk driving, you need assistance from an attorney who understands these tests and their legal applications. Experienced Rhode Island Breathalyzer test lawyer Matthew Marin can provide the informed and aggressive legal representation you need.

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