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Pawtucket DUI Lawyer

Pawtucket DUI defense attorney Matthew Marin has provided an aggressive and effective representation of over 500 clients facing Driving Under the Influence (DUI) and related offenses in Pawtucket. His dedication to defending clients’ rights has resulted in reduced fines, jail alternatives, and dismissed charges.

Dedication to Education

As part of his extensive education, Pawtucket DUI defense attorney Matthew Marin has dedicated his work to learning both sides of this intricate area of the law. Representation from attorney Marin means having a Pawtucket DUI defense attorney who is armed with the knowledge of both the police and prosecution.

What You Could Lose

DUI charges in Pawtucket can result in thousands of dollars in fines, the suspension or loss of your driver’s license, loss of job and education opportunities, and even time behind bars. However, your future does not have to be affected by a rap sheet. Pawtucket DUI defense attorney Matthew Marin is committed to fighting for your rights and protecting your interests.

Choose an Aggressive Defense

Drinking and driving is a gamble with safety and the law. Facing DUI charges alone can be a gamble of your livelihood. Don’t leave your reputation and freedom up to chance. Leave your defense in the hands of Pawtucket DUI defense attorney Matthew Marin. Contact him today at 401-287-4384.