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Johnston DUI Lawyer

We all make mistakes. Unfortunately, some mistakes, like drinking and driving, are dangerous and illegal. In Johnston, RI, Driving Under the Influence (DUI) charges carry very heavy penalties. Even first time offenders can be fined thousands of dollars and be sentenced to spend months in prison. DUI charges can cost people their livelihoods and their freedom.

If you have been accused of DUI, Johnston DUI defense attorney James P. Marin is ready to protect you.

Good Education, Good Defense

Being familiar with the policies and procedures of Johnston police and prosecution is an asset not all lawyers have. Johnston DUI defense attorney Matthew Marin is dedicated to participating in extensive training to further his education in drunken driving law and alcohol testing. Marin Protects You

Johnston DUI defense attorney Marin has represented over 500 clients in his private practice. His knowledge of the law has provided clients with a strong, reliable defense dedicated to protecting their rights and preserving their livelihoods. Representation by Johnston DUI defense attorney Matthew Marin has resulted in:

  • Charges being dismissed and stricken from records
  • Alternatives to serving time in jail, like community service
  • Fines decreased to the minimum permissible under the law

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If you are facing DUI charges you need a smart, dedicated defense. You need to retain the legal representation of Johnston DWI defense attorney Matthew Marin. Call 401-287-4384 today.