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Jamestown DUI Lawyer

Facing charges for Driving Under the Influence (DUI) in Jamestown means having to face the facts. That one drink too many could cost you thousands of dollars in fines, your livelihood, and your freedom if you try to face the prosecution alone. Do not take the risk. Take back your life and peace of mind by retaining the counsel and defense of Jamestown DUI defense lawyer James P. Marin.

Harsh Penalties

The state of Rhode Island has strengthened its laws and penalties for prosecuting drunk driving and other related offenses. Because of this, residents of Jamestown are pitted against some of the toughest punishments in the country. Jamestown DUI defense lawyer Marin will defend your best interests and push for alternatives in your sentencing. In his defense of over 500 clients he has:

  • Reduced fines to the minimum allowed under the law
  • Saved clients from months in prison by suggesting jail alternatives
  • Successfully dismissed charges

Know Your Rights

Jamestown DUI defense lawyer Matthew Marin has dedicated himself to furthering his training and education in the areas of DUI and DWI arrests and prosecution to better defend his clients. In addition, Matthew Marin is knowledgeable of the practices of Jamestown police and will fight to make sure your rights are not violated.

Contact Matthew Marin

Jamestown DWI defense lawyer Marin is committed to making sure you are protected from an unfair trial. If you have been accused of drunk driving, call him today at 401-287-4384.