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Interview with a Former DUI Client

Question: Were you charged with a DUI that included field sobriety tests and a Breathalyzer test? If so, what were the results? Which police department charged you?

Answer: Yes, I had a Breathalyzer reading of .124% and .126% and the officer said I failed three field sobriety tests on the side of the road. I was arrested and charged by the Rhode Island State Police.

Question: What were your experiences when you first contacted Attorney Marin? Did he update you regularly as to the status of your case, return your phone calls promptly, fully explain the process and meet with you to discuss your defense strategy and trial preparation?

Answer: The first time I called Attorney Marin’s Law Office, I was able to meet with him within 2 hours to discuss my case. I was always fully informed as to what was going on with my case and he always returned my calls promptly. I met with him in his office before each and every court date.

Question: Did your case proceed to a trial? Did Attorney Marin explain to you your options in terms of a plea disposition or going to trial? What was your plea offer and what did you decide to do?

Answer: Yes I was fully explained my options for either a plea deal or going to trial and my decision was to proceed to a trial. The plea offer I turned down was a Nolo Contendere Plea, 60-day license loss, 10 hours of community service, DUI driving school and fines and fees. I decided not to accept the plea and take my case to trial.

Question: Do you think Attorney Marin was well prepared for your trial? What do you think of Attorney Marin’s skills in cross-examining the arresting state trooper? What did you think of his trial skills as a whole and his knowledge of the facts and law?

Answer: I was extremely impressed with how well prepared Attorney Marin was. His wide range of knowledge with all aspects of my arrest and DUI defense in general was superb. His ability to cross examine the state trooper was exceptional and it was clear to me during the trial he knew way more about field sobriety testing and breath testing then the state trooper or the prosecutor. My whole experience with Attorney Marin could not have been better and I have had prior experience with other lawyers in the past.

Question: What was the verdict of your trial?

Answer: I was found Not Guilty and I am positive it was due to Attorney Marin’s impressive trial work. I really have to say I was extremely impressed and pleased with his performance. I am very grateful I hired him to defend me.