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Conventry DUI Defense Lawyer, Recent Wins, Testimonials

Conventry DUI defense lawyer Matthew Marin has been working hard for many years to provide aggressive representation for any person that needs help with their DUI case in Conventry.

Getting an early start on your DUI/DWI defense can be the difference between winning and losing. If you are involved in a case such as this, you need a Conventry drunk driving attorney that is going to make sure that your rights are protected to the fullest extent of the law. Conventry DUI lawyer Matthew Marin is ready and willing to speak with you about your case.

Over the years, Rhode Island DUI laws have become some of the strictest in the country. Driving Under the Influence, or DUI, has become a common charge in the Conventry justice system and Rhode Island is cracking down to try and lower the number of drunk drivers in the community. Most of the Conventry DUI charges are filed as misdemeanors, but for those individuals on their third offense in a five year period, it is considered a felony. Rhode Island also has harsher penalties in the cases where the defendant tested at .15 BAC or higher.

When you are pulled over, if you don’t have proper identification, the penalties may be increased. You might receive penalties such as losing your license, fines, or even jail time depending on how severe the situation was. If you are in a situation such as this, you need a Conventry DUI lawyer that is well experienced and can handle all aspects of your case no matter what the circumstances are.

Conventry DUI Lawyer Matthew Marin will work hard to make sure that your rights are respected. If you have been accused or DUI, contact Conventry DUI defense attorney Matthew Marin at 401-287-4384.