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It has been a long night of music, friends, and drinks in Barrington. You have not had that much to drink, so like many do, you make the mistake of grabbing your car keys and heading out the door. Ten minutes later you see the red and blue lights of a patrol car in your rear view mirror. You only had a few drinks, and you thought you were driving alright. The Barrington police officer who pulled you over does not agree, and now you are being asked to step out of your vehicle and take a field sobriety test. Panic sets in.

This scenario is all too familiar to individuals arrested and charged with Driving while Under the Influence in Barrington. A DUI is a serious and dangerous offense, but with the representation of Barrington drunk driving lawyer Matthew Marin, your panic does not have to follow you into the courtroom.

Do You Have Legal Representation?

Barrington DUI attorney Matthew Marin has represented over 500 individuals in Barrington and throughout Rhode Island and Massachusetts. His dedication to a constantly evolving pursuit of DUI education gives him and his clients the knowledge base required to face a resource-endowed prosecution.

The laws and punishments behind DUI charges can be confusing. The right representation will make the difference between a $600 fine and 6 months in jail. Choosing to be defended by an experienced Barrington DUI defense lawyer is a choice which will make all the difference in the world.

About Matthew Marin

Matthew Marin received his law degree from the Northeastern School of Law. He served at the Baltimore City State Attorney’s Office, the Massachusetts Federal Defender’s Office, and the Middlesex District Attorney’s office before entering into private practice.

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