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Why .08?

The point of having a legal limit on a driver’s blood alcohol content (BAC) is to limit accidents, injuries, and fatalities involving drunk driving. Over the years the BAC limit has gradually been lowered in many states, which has overall greatly reduced the number of alcohol-related fatalities across the country.

Results of a .08 BAC Limit

In the late 1990s, many states still had a .10 BAC limit, meaning that the volume of alcohol in a person’s bloodstream was 10% of the total volume of blood in their bloodstream. California was one of the first states to reduce the legal BAC level from .10 to .08, along with Oregon, Maine, Utah, and Vermont. Compared to states that kept the .10 BAC limit, the percentage of fatal crashes leading to the fatality of a driver with a .08 BAC or greater decreased by 16%.

As these statistics suggest, in most cases the reduction of the BAC limit has been shown to be an effective way of decreasing drunk driving injuries and fatalities. While a .08 BAC legal limit may seem inconvenient when you are pulled over under suspicion of drunk driving or are charged with a DUI, the law helps to make streets safer.

How Many Drinks Does it Take for a .08 BAC?

The amount of alcohol it takes to reach the legal .08 BAC limit depends on the individual. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, about 4 drinks in an hour on an empty stomach would put a 170 pound male at the legal limit. For a 135 pound female, it would take about 3 drinks in one hour.

Being under the legal BAC limit, however, does not mean that you are guaranteed to be accident-free. Accidents can occur even if you are only partially impaired or “buzzed”. As soon as alcohol enters your system your chances of having a driving accident increase. If you have been drinking, don’t risk getting a DUI or causing a serious accident. Call someone to take you home instead.

If You are Charged With a DUI

A DUI conviction can have serious consequences for your personal and professional life. If you have been arrested on DUI charges, a DUI defense lawyer can help you defend your case in court and protect you against any questionable evidence. Contact experienced Rhode Island DUI lawyer Matthew Marin today at 401-287-4384.