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What Makes a Good DUI Defense Attorney?

When facing the serious charge of DUI or a related offense, it is crucial to remember that your choice of a legal representative may very well be one of the most important decisions you can make in your life. There is simply no equal for a qualified and knowledgeable DUI defense attorney.

What to Look For

Being able to evaluate an attorney’s working style and experience will give you an edge during a difficult time. Looking for the following characteristics applies to any case of criminal defense, but plays an especially critical role in instances of DUI:

  • First and foremost in distinguishing between a good and mediocre attorney is the level of interest he or she expresses in the background and life of the client. Someone who pays attention to you as a human will pick up on facts and aspects of your personality that he or she can use to your advantage in court.
  • Related to the point above, an attorney should seem genuinely concerned with your plight. He or she should recognize the stress you are currently enduring and be able to connect on an emotional and professional level.
  • If the client is in jail, the attorney’s first concern must always be getting him or her out of this situation. Often, this starts with actively pursuing a request for a supervised released and motions for bail reduction.
  • Privacy should be of the utmost importance. An attorney should be always looking out for the confidentiality of his client’s personal information for the protection of everyone involved in the case.

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