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Teenage Drinking and Drunk Driving

The risk that is associated with underage drinking is part of the appeal of drinking for some teens. They may choose to hold exclusive, secretive house parties involving alcohol. Part of the thrill is knowing that there is some risk and being part of a secret “in crowd.” Most of the time, though, these parties don’t stay secret for long, since they often get out of hand and can easily devolve into disaster.

How Drinking Becomes Drunk Driving

For minors, drinking can be especially dangerous because they often purposely try to push limits and take unnecessary risks when drinking. Teens can easily drink themselves sick to excess, and it is not uncommon for teens to become severely ill, pass out, or even die from overconsumption of alcohol.

What makes underage drinking even more of a risk is the fact that many of these teens have cars. While a drinker of legal age could call a parent or friend when too drunk to drive, a teen may fear the lecture or punishment that they would face at home if their parents found out about their night out. This reluctance to ask for help, combined with not being aware of how drunk they really are, can lead to a deadly accident.

Drunk Driving Consequences

In the U.S., an overwhelming 60% of teen deaths resulting from car accidents involve alcohol. Drunk driving kills and severely injures thousands of teens each year, and those teenage drunk drivers who survive may have to face a lifetime of guilt knowing that they were responsible for the death or injury of close friends, other drivers, or passengers in other cars. Teens who drive drunk will likely, at the very least, face DUI charges, which along with court penalties can severely hinder their future personal, educational, and professional opportunities.

If you are a minor and have been charged with drunk driving, you are likely aware that you are facing severe penalties from the state in addition to the shame, anger, and disappointment that you are dealing with at home. Whenever you are convicted of a crime, however, you have a right to legal representation to defend your case.

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