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Sobering Up: Myth vs. Fact

After a long night out on the town, many people are stranded away from home and need to “sober up” quickly so that they can drive. Unfortunately, all quick tricks for sobering up are merely myths. The only way for your blood to become less saturated with alcohol is to give it time and allow it to metabolize.

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Sobering Up Myths

There are a number of myths about how to sober up. Some of these myths include:

  • Drinking coffee. It is standard for a host to serve a round of coffee or espresso following dinner. Frequently, people are misled into thinking that by ingesting caffeine, their body will metabolize the alcohol more quickly. This is false. Drinking coffee may make you less sleepy, but you are just as intoxicated.
  • Drinking water. While this may prevent a bad hangover, it will not make you less drunk.
  • Cold/hot showers. Also a completely ineffective method for sobering up.
  • Exercise. This may be the most scientifically grounded myth—exercise increases metabolism, which may lower your BAC, but this is not likely true. Exercise increases your metabolism over time, not instantaneously.

Sobering Facts

The only way to sober up is to wait it out. Alcohol leaves the body of virtually everyone at a constant rate of about .015 percent of blood alcohol content (BAC) per hour. Thus, a person with a BAC of .015 would be completely sober in an hour, while a person with a BAC of ten times that (.15) would require 10 hours to become completely sober. This is true regardless of sex, age, weight, and similar factors.

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