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Second DUI Offense While Under 18 Years of Age

Under our criminal justice system, there are typically different provisions of the law for adults and minors who are accused of similar crimes. This separation serves to acknowledge the gap in understanding, decision-making, and maturity that often distinguishes children and adults. This is true in the case of DUI charges, and for a repeat offender, the penalties can be particularly harsh.

To learn more about your legal rights, or to ensure that the rights of your child are adequately defended, it is important to speak with a skilled and experienced attorney about your case. Contact Rhode Island second DUI defense attorney Matthew Marin today by calling 401-287-4384.

2nd Offense Penalties for Minors with BAC Higher Than .02

If any motorist under the age of 18 is found to have blood alcohol content higher than .02, the penalties for a second offense DUI are different than those for adults. These may include the following:

  • Suspended driver’s license until the age of 21
  • Fine of $500
  • Up to 1 year in a Rhode Island juvenile correctional facility

With these possible punishments, a conviction could cause a defendant to miss out on school and much of what makes the latter teen years so special. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you have a strong defense attorney on your side, fighting vigilantly to protect your legal rights and best interest.

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