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SCRAM Bracelets

Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor bracelets, or SCRAM bracelets, are intended to monitor the alcohol consumption of an individual who was recently charged with a DUI. These court-ordered devices are programmed to check the sweat of an individual at least once an hour to evaluate his or her blood alcohol content. The results are sent to a regional monitoring service, where it is checked for compliance.

If the individual has alcohol in his or her blood, the center will report those results back to the court, which could lead to harsh penalties. The bracelet is tamper-resistant and the defendant must wear it at all times. If the bracelet is tampered with or removed, the regional center will report that behavior as well.

It is the judge’s discretion as to whether a defendant needs to wear the device or not. The purpose behind these bracelets is to make sure the offender refrains from alcohol and does not put his or her life, or the lives of others, in danger.

DUI is a very serious charge, with potential consequences that could affect your life for years to come. To learn more about SCRAM bracelets, DUI, or your legal rights as a defendant, call Rhode Island DWI attorney Matthew Marin at 401-287-4384 today.

SCRAM Bracelets and the Law

Other important facts to know about the SCRAM system are:

  • There is no set amount of time that a defendant must wear the bracelet. It is up the judge’s discretion. However, typical time periods are between 30 days and more than 1 year.
  • Though the device is difficult to remove, it can be done. If the device is removed, the offender may have to return to court and face the judge again for a re-sentencing.
  • The SCRAM is not a form of house arrest. You are able to travel freely while wearing the device.

If you are pulled over for driving while intoxicated, you could face other penalties such as heavy fines, mandated alcohol education classes, a suspended license, community service, or even jail time. In order to reduce your sentence as much as possible, you may want to consider hiring an experienced defense attorney who can help formulate your case. Though this is not a guarantee that you will obtain favorable results, your chances will be increased greatly with the help of a Rhode Island DWI defense attorney.

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