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Reasons for Being Pulled Over

When a police officer pulls you over, regardless of whether you have been drinking or not, he or she must have a justified cause for doing so. It is illegal for police officers to detain individuals without reasonable cause. Having a hunch is not reasonable cause.

If a police officer pulls you over for no reason and, as a result, arrests you for drunk driving, you may be able to get your DUI charges acquitted. If you or someone you love was recently charged with DUI, contact Rhode Island drunk driving defense lawyers Matthew Marin at 401-287-4384.

Justifiable Cause

Police officers must have reasons for stopping individuals. They cannot simply stop them because they are driving away from a bar late at night; drivers must have done something illegal in order for officers to have a reason for stopping them.

Justifiable causes for pulling over an individual on the suspicion of drunk driving include:

  • Making unreasonably wide turns
  • Swerving or weaving
  • Appearing to be intoxicated
  • Erratic braking
  • Traveling more than 10 mph under the speed limit

Should an individual challenge the arresting officer to prove that the individual was guilty of one or more of these actions and the officer cannot do so, the individual’s charges may be dropped.

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A drunk driving conviction can do irreparable damage to your reputation, so it is important to hire experienced defense. If you were recently charged with drunk driving, contact Rhode Island DUI defense attorney Matthew Marin at 401-287-4384.