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Public Intoxication

Anyone of age to buy alcohol knows that getting behind the wheel of a motor vehicle while under the influence can lead to some serious legal consequences. However, many drinkers act under the assumption that as long as they keep away from a steering wheel, they are in no real danger of committing a criminal offense.

Unfortunately, this is simply not the case. The crime of public intoxication, otherwise known as “drunk and disorderly conduct,” falls under the jurisdiction of individual state and local governments as issues of public nuisance. It encompasses any behavior in a public setting in which alcohol is involved with an individual’s causing a disturbance or posing a threat to the safety of oneself or others (simply being drunk in public is not grounds for arrest – at one of these criteria must apply).

Most arrests warranted by this charge involve being taken to a jail cell until the offender is sober and the issuing of a fine. However, some states take this infraction more seriously, and depending on the degree of aggression shown or property damage inflicted, a charge of public intoxication can lead to probationary periods and even jail time.

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A conviction of public intoxication can be an unexpectedly serious stain on your record. If you’ve been charged with DUI, drunk and disorderly conduct, or any other drinking-related offense, you will need an experienced legal professional to help fight your case. Contact Island DUI defense attorney Matthew Marin today at 401-287-4384 to learn more about your legal options.