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Probation Violation

A drunk driving conviction carries a number of severe penalties, including jail time. Sometimes however,
the courts decide to grant an offender a probationary period instead of a jail sentence. During the
probation period, an individual must abide by certain rules and meet regularly with a probation officer.
If the individual fails to meet the probation requirements, he or she may have the probation revoked
and instead be sentenced to jail. Following the rules of probation is therefore crucial to avoiding
jail time and further restrictions on your freedom.

For a DUI conviction, probation typically includes a ban on drinking alcohol. The ban can even extend
to your own home, and you may be asked to remove any alcohol from the house for the extent of your probationary
period. You will have to submit to random sobriety tests to check to see if you are following the rules
of your probation. Getting caught drinking, in possession of an open container in public, or even just
buying alcohol could be interpreted as a probation violation. Depending on your probationary officer
and the court, even just one slip up could land you in jail.

If you have violated your probation, consider contacting a DUI defense lawyer immediately. The police
may arrest you and hold you in jail for days with a high bail. A DUI defense attorney can negotiate
the bail and help to get you out of jail before your hearing. He or she may also be able to talk with
your probation officer and negotiate the terms of your probation. Even if you have been arrested, your
lawyer may be able to negotiate a second chance on your behalf so that you can continue to live among
society instead of being thrown in jail.

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