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Parole Violations

If you are convicted of a DUI offense in the state of Rhode Island, your sentence could include jail time depending on the severity of the charge. In extreme cases or repeat offender cases, you may even be ordered to serve time in a state prison. Those who are released early for good behavior will be able to serve the remainder of their sentence under parole.

However, being released from prison does not mean that you are entirely free from your sentence. You must abide by the rules of your parole or risk facing additional penalties.

Conditions of Parole

When released on parole, you will be assigned a parole officer, or P.O., who will supervise you during your parole period to ensure that you are complying with the terms of your parole. Your parole could include the following conditions:

  • Mandatory alcohol education or substance abuse treatment
  • Home confinement
  • Nightly curfew
  • Restrictions on socializing with other parolees
  • Reporting to your P.O. as scheduled
  • Not breaking any laws

There may also be specific conditions added to your parole depending on your unique case.

Parole Violation Defense

If you violate the terms of your parole, you may be immediately re-incarcerated and ordered to serve the rest of your sentence in prison. Unfortunately, sometimes parolees unintentionally violate the terms of their paroles and are not given a second chance. If you are out on parole as part of your DUI sentence and are concerned that you may have violated your parole, contact a Rhode Island DUI defense lawyer immediately. We can advocate on your behalf to limit the penalties brought against you.

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