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Out of State Residents and DUIs

Out of state residents who visit Rhode Island have as much of a responsibility to safely operate their motor vehicles as do Rhode Island residents. Some people believe that, when they are outside of their home state, driving violations do not affect their driving record. On the contrary, most states share driving violation information with one another. If you are arrested for a DUI out of state, you may find yourself facing serious penalties in both your home state and the state in which you were arrested.

DUI Criminal Penalties

An out of state resident who is charged with a DUI in Rhode Island faces the same possible penalties as a resident of Rhode Island. Your hearing will take place in Rhode Island under Rhode Island law, and the DUI will go on your criminal record if you are convicted. If you are from out of state and were arrested for a DUI in Rhode Island, consider contacting a Rhode Island DUI defense lawyer immediately. A good DUI defense attorney with expertise in Rhode Island drunk driving laws can review the details of your case and help you prepare your defense for court.

DUI Driving Penalties

The Rhode Island DMV will not suspend the license of an out of state resident convicted of a DUI within the state, but will report the violation to your home state, which may decide to temporarily take away your license. Your home state will likely treat your Rhode Island DUI conviction as if it had occurred within your state, which could result in DMV fines and a detrimental license suspension. Your driving privileges within Rhode Island will be temporarily suspended following your DUI, which could be problematic if you regularly commute to or through the state.

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If you are an out of state resident and have been charged with a DUI in Rhode Island, you may need a lawyer who is familiar with the state’s DUI laws to assist you with your case. For sound legal advice on Rhode Island DUI laws, don’t hesitate to contact experienced Rhode Island DUI lawyer Matthew Marin today at 401-287-4384.