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Motorcycles and Drunk Driving

In 2006, motorcycle accident deaths accounted for 20 percent of all motor vehicle deaths in Rhode Island. Some of these accidents were alcohol related, caused either by a drunk motorcyclist or another drunk driver hitting a motorcycle. Whenever you decide to ride, keep in mind that motorcyclists are susceptible to accidents even when completely sober. Mixing alcohol with driving increases your chances of an accident beyond the usual risk, potentially endangering your life or the lives of others.

Motorcycle accidents can be even more severe than automobile crashes for a number of reasons. The high speed at which many motorcyclists ride can result in a more devastating impact. Motorcycles only have two tires touching the road surface, which makes them more susceptible to sliding or hydroplaning than a car with four points of road contact. Additionally, motorcycles require more balance and control to drive than do automobiles. Motorcyclists can also be easily thrown off their vehicle and on to the road when a crash occurs, putting them at a higher risk of injury than other drivers.

These additional risks to motorcyclists mean that they must be skilled riders and must constantly be aware of their surroundings to avoid potential accidents. Alcohol severely hinders a rider’s ability to make quick judgments and react to sudden dangers and also throws off a rider’s balance. If you decide to drink and ride, you risk being arrested for a DUI or being severely injured or killed in a devastating collision. If you have been drinking and feel even a little unbalanced, you should wait to ride home, have a friend drive you, or take a taxi. It is worth the small inconvenience and cost to avoid a DUI charge or a serious accident.

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