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Mopeds and Drunk Driving

Mopeds are unique two-wheeled motorized vehicles that sometimes have certain exemptions from state traffic
laws. For example, in most states anyone can purchase a moped and drive without having a special motorcycle
license. This qualifies for any moped with an engine under 50 cubic centimeters (CCs). In fact, in some
states a driver’s license isn’t even required to operate a moped. While these laws can be advantageous
for people looking for a cheap commuting solution, they also make mopeds a magnet for drunk individuals
and repeat DUI offenders.

According to a study submitted to the American College of Surgeons, moped operators were involved in
alcohol-related accidents at a frequency of more than one and a half times that of automobile or motorcycle
drivers. The researchers found that the moped drivers were well aware of the fact that they did not
need a license, and many had already had their driver’s license revoked. Mopeds are therefore a popular
fallback vehicle for drunk individuals and offenders who have already had their licenses revoked.

Rhode Island’s moped laws, however, vary from those of many other states. In Rhode Island, anyone who
drives a moped must have a valid driver’s license to do so. This prevents DUI offenders from operating
a moped with a suspended license. Even with this law, many people opt to use a moped to drive home drunk
instead of getting in a car. While a moped may seem like a safer alternative, you may still be arrested
for a DUI if you drive a moped while drunk.

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