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Misrepresentation of Age

Many minors find it tempting to drink alcohol, especially when they are hanging out with friends who are already old enough to drink. College students are among the most likely to break the law and drink, since alcohol is prevalent at many college campuses. If some friends are heading to a 21 and up bar or club, you may decide to get a fake ID or borrow a friend’s for the evening. While simply borrowing a friend’s ID may not seem criminal, it is in fact a crime to misrepresent your age to obtain alcohol.

Modifying your ID, obtaining a fake ID, and borrowing a friend’s ID are all examples of misrepresenting your age. If a bartender or bouncer realizes that your ID has been modified or that the ID is not yours, you may be reported to the police and arrested or ticketed. Misrepresentation of age is a misdemeanor in Rhode Island and can carry heavy penalties, especially when combined with other charges. For showing a false ID, you may be fined between $100 and $500 for a first offense. A second offense carries a fine between $200 and $500, and a third offense results in a $300 to $500 fine.

While the fine is an inconvenience, the more serious punishment is the creation of a criminal record. For each offense, even the smallest misdemeanors, the arrest and conviction will be recorded on your criminal history. For a minor, a criminal history can severely hurt your chances of getting into college, earning a scholarship, or getting or keeping a job. Almost any professional, financial, or educational application that you fill out will ask if you have ever been arrested. Your potential college, landlord, lender, or employer can look up your criminal record if he or she wishes, and an arrest could disqualify your application.

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