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How to Behave When Detained or Arrested

Everyone knows that being pulled over or detained by police officers is a frustrating experience. It is understandable for people in this position to express a certain amount of dismay – a police stop is at best an inconvenience, and at worst, the beginning of a lengthy legal ordeal.

Be this as it may, there is definitely a right and wrong way to behave around police officers, regardless of the circumstances. In their outrage or aggravation, citizens can easily lose sight of how best to act in the face of the law. While it is important to know one’s rights, belligerence or failure to cooperate is taken extremely seriously by officers, and will always do more harm than good.

The Importance of Staying Calm

The overarching message to remember in all police encounters is never to resist or contest the actions and words of officers, no matter how unfair or even illegal you believe them to be. Try to say as little as possible and respond calmly and respectfully – back-talk will only make things worse, even if it’s simply blowing off steam.

Another crucial point on this topic is to never make any sudden movements. Police work is a dangerous field, so officers are quick to take even the slightest verbal or physical defiance as a serious threat. Remember that even though an officer may be in the wrong, at the moment of the interaction he or she has absolute authority, and anything less than your full cooperation can be considered provocation.

Finally, it is absolutely critical that you never, ever touch a police officer. In many areas, the smallest contact is grounds for a misdemeanor or felony, and resisting arrest can instantly turn what might have been a small case into a huge one.

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