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How Alcohol Affects You

We have all heard that drinking and driving is a dangerous combination. Despite this, many people continue to drive under the influence of alcohol or other drugs. Part of the problem may be that people do not fully appreciate how alcohol affects the brain, leading to many different kinds of impairment. The next time you go out for drinks, you may want to consider the following consequences of alcohol consumption.

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Alcohol Use and Driving

Alcohol often affects people to a greater extent than they realize. Even relatively small amounts can have consequences such as:

  • Increased reaction times – When a person has been drinking, it can take longer to react to sudden changes in the environment, such as another car pulling into the lane.
  • Attention to detail – People who have been consuming alcohol often move their eyes more rapidly, spending less time focusing on objects around them. This can cause them to overlook details of their surroundings, including traffic lights or even pedestrians.
  • Disinhibition – One of the first abilities that alcohol impairs is common sense. Intoxicated people are far more likely to engage in reckless, aggressive, or illegal activities.

These are only a few reasons that drinking and driving is so dangerous. Unfortunately, in their eagerness to prevent this kind of problem, law enforcement officials sometimes prosecute people who do not deserve it. If you’ve been charged with DWI or a related offense, Rhode Island drunk driving defense lawyer Matthew Marin can help you.

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