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Hangover Blues

It is a sad but true reality that the majority of drinkers have at one point or another had to endure a hangover. From headaches and nausea to increased sensitivity, shakiness and other flu-like symptoms, the exact effects of having had too much to drink are different for every person and situation. The suffering, however, is universal.

Alcohol use is reported to cost the U.S. alone an unbelievable $148 billion per year, most of it in lost time and decreased productivity due to hangover symptoms. Even more surprising may be the fact that light to moderate drinkers may be at the greatest risk for personal financial loss from overindulgence, around $2,000 per year.

Causes of Hangovers

While relatively little research has been conducted on this subject given its frequency in the adult population, scientists do believe that hangovers are the result of a number of factors. Beyond the concentration of alcohol in the bloodstream, lack of sleep, empty stomach, physical activity while drinking, dehydration, and naturally poorer health may all contribute to the nature and severity of a hangover.

Not drinking is obviously the only guaranteed way to avoid a hangover, but there may be something to the conventional wisdom of not mixing different types of alcohol and consuming plenty of water during the course of the night and before going to bed.

When given the choice, opt for clearer beverages when the alcohol content is similar (e.g. vodka over brandy), as darker drinks tend to carry more congeners, or toxic substances, that can add to the intensity of a hangover.

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