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Fighting to Save Your Driver’s License

In the state of Rhode Island, one of the penalties that follows a DUI conviction is suspension of the offender’s driver’s license. The duration of the suspension varies depending on your DUI history and your BAC level at the time of your arrest, but can last for 1 month or up to 5 years. Even first offenders with a BAC just over the .08 legal limit will have their license suspended for at least one month.

Having your license suspended can hinder your liberty and your personal and professional opportunities. While you can appeal the suspension after 30 days to try to regain your driving privileges, even one month without a vehicle can have negative effects on your life. You may have to make arrangements to carpool with a coworker or family member to work, walk, bike, or take a bus. And if these options are not available to you, you could end up losing your job because you cannot get to work.

If you fail to have the driver’s license suspension appealed, you may be unable to drive for several months or years. A successful appeal could mean the difference between regaining your license and moving on with your life or finding yourself immobile and unemployed. A DUI defense attorney can help you fight the DUI charges made against you and prepare your case for your appeal hearing date, if necessary.

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