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Expungement and DUI Charges

Expungement of criminal records is a useful process in which people with past criminal records can get them permanently sealed or destroyed, thereby restoring their name and reputation with a clean criminal background. Criminal cases can ruin a person’s professional and personal life, with consequences including lost job offers, job termination, increased insurance rates, and an embarrassing situation to explain for the rest of their life.

Certain requirements exist for the expungement of records. Generally, a certain waiting period must pass between the original conviction and the request for expungement. In Rhode Island, five years must go by after a misdemeanor and ten years must elapse after a felony. In that time period, no other criminal convictions can occur and the initial offence must not have been too serious. Also, the initial charge must have been disposed without conviction and the petitioner must have completed probate without problems.

Driving under the influence charges are cases that have the potential to be expunged. One night of drinking with friends at a bar does not have to ruin future professional prospects. Rhode Island attorneys can file the appropriate motion, provide proper notice to the Attorney General’s Office, and argue the motion in court. If you are interested in getting your DUI conviction expunged, contact the Rhode Island drunk driving lawyer Matthew Marin today at 401-287-4384.