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DUIs and the Military

When on leave for a night, it is not uncommon for brothers-in-arms to go out on the town for a few drinks. One thing leads to another and suddenly you are being pulled over and suspected of driving under the influence. What do you do, and how will this affect your military career?

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Repercussions for DUI

The extent to which your military career will suffer because of a DUI largely depends on the severity of the charges you are facing. In extreme cases, such as a drunken driving accident, you may be dishonorably discharged from the military. Other alcohol-related charges may result less severe punishments, such as the inability to increase in rank or pay. In addition to any penalties you may face on base, your DUI will become a permanent part of your military record.

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If you have been charged with a DUI or another alcohol-related offense, you need the help of an experienced military DUI attorney. Contact Rhode Island DUI lawyer Matthew Marin today. Preserve your future and call 401-287-4384 to schedule a free initial consultation.