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Drunk Driving Statistics and Penalties

Drunk driving is a serious, national problem. Each year, drunk drivers cause more than half of the lethal accidents in the United States. This results in about 25,000 alcohol-related car crash deaths each year. Just one drink elevates your chances seven times of being involved in an automobile collision.

In Rhode Island, the drunk driving penalties are strict and dependant on blood alcohol level (BAC) and age. Any DUI accident that results in the death of another person is automatically considered a felony. Any driver under the age of 21 who is found with an open container in their car faces a 30 day license suspension. The state considers that anyone operating an automobile gives the state “implied consent” to take a breathalyzer test. BAC levels above .08& are not tolerated for drivers over the age of 21. For drivers under the legal drinking age, anything over a BAC of .02% will face charges.

For first time DUI offenders over the age of 21 and with a BAC level of .08-.10%, a fine, suspended license, community service, and alcohol education can be expected. For first time offenders with a BAC above .10%, heavier fines, community service or jail time, and longer license suspension is in store. For second time offenders, a $400 fine, 2 year license suspension, jail time, alcohol treatment, and an ignition interlock device can be expected. For third timers, a felony charge, heavy fine, jail time, 2 to 3 year license suspension, and ignition interlock device are all punishments.

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