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Drugged Driving

While most cases of DUI and DWIs involve alcohol, other drugs which affect mental processes can affect the way you drive, and, consequently, land you in jail for DUI. According to a roadside survey conducted in 2007 by the National Highway and Safety Administration, more than 16% of weekend, nighttime drivers tested positive for illegal, prescription, or over-the-counter medication. The most common substance present in drugged drivers, however, is marijuana.

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Determining Impairment

Detecting alcohol impairment is relatively easy for law enforcement officials. Breathalyzers help officers determine how affected a driver is by alcohol, with anything over .08% being legally deemed unsafe. However, determining one’s impairment from other drugs is more difficult. While the same motor skills tests are administered for drugged and drunk drivers, results are harder to interpret. Tools used to establish impairment of drugged drivers still lags behind the breathalyzer.

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