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Driving While Tired

It’s been a long day, you stopped at a bar to have a drink, and now you’re driving home late at night. There are few cars on the road, it’s dark, and you’re really tired. All you want to do is get home as fast as possible so that you can go to sleep.

What many drivers don’t know is that you can be pulled over for driving while you are tired, and if the officer detects alcohol on your breath, you may be arrested on DUI charges. The officer may assume that you were drunk when in reality you are just very tired and had a drink.

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Combining Drowsiness With Alcohol

If you are tired at the end of the day and still have a long drive home ahead of you, it is probably best to not consume any alcohol before your drive. Driving while sleepy can have some of the same effects as driving drunk, such as hindering your reaction time and awareness. Adding alcohol to this condition only makes the situation worse, and it can give an officer the false impression that you are drunk, leading to a wrongful arrest.

Avoiding Drowsiness While Driving

To avoid becoming sleepy while you are driving, consider drinking some coffee on your drive home instead of alcohol. Turn up your radio or turn the air conditioner on high. If you still have trouble staying awake, you are too exhausted to be driving. Pull over and call a taxi, or stop in a motel for the night and finish the drive in the morning. Driving while drowsy can be extremely dangerous and could result in a serious accident if you fall asleep.

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