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Drinking and Snowmobiling

When most of us hear the words “driving under the influence,” we immediately assume a car or truck to be somehow involved. However, in truth, the law takes a broad stance on what can be considered a dangerous vehicle when the driver is intoxicated. Operating any motorized form of transportation while impaired can result in serious injury or death.

One type of motorized craft that people do not often associate with drinking-related accidents is snowmobiles. Due to their perception as recreational vehicles, snowmobiles are too frequently overlooked when we consider the effects of alcohol on a person’s ability to safely operate equipment. But studies reveal that in wintry climates, incidents involving the two are dangerously high.

A recent report from Canada, for example, revealed that nearly half of all annual accidents on snowmobiles are due to alcohol impairment. Moreover, the general popularity of these vehicles is steadily on the rise, with a dramatic increase in registrations in both the U.S. and its northern neighbor over the past several years.

It is important to keep in mind that snowmobiles are capable of reaching high speeds in inherently dangerous conditions. No matter how much your vehicle is tailored to handle snow and ice, these surfaces are almost always more problematic than grass or pavement.

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