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Does Your Case need an Expert Witness?

Witnesses are a key part of many trials, both criminal proceedings and civil cases. Most witnesses are people who were present when the crime or accident under discussion occurred. For example, the police officers who arrested a person for DUI are often called as witnesses in his or her trial. As witnesses, they are only permitted to discuss what they observed at the time of arrest.

However, there is another kind of witness that is given a little more leeway on the stand. This is a person called upon by either the defense or prosecution because he or she has advanced knowledge about an issue related to the case. This person is known as an expert witness, and he or she is permitted to share his or her professional opinions while testifying.

Many people charged with drunk driving have used expert witnesses to bolster their cases. If you are facing a DWI trial, this may be a good strategy for you as well. To discuss legal methods that can help you, call Rhode Island drunk driving defense attorney Matthew Marin at 401-622-9006.

DWI Expert Witnesses

Most DWI cases are built around evidence from Breathalyzer results, police officers’ observations, or both. Unfortunately, these are not always reliable sources of information. An expert witness can help your case by setting the record straight on matters like:

  • Potential flaws in Breathalyzers and other chemical tests
  • Factors other than alcohol that can affect field sobriety test results
  • The metabolism of alcohol and how a person’s level of impairment changes over time

Expert witnesses are limited to discussing their areas of expertise, and generally cannot give their opinions about legal matters related to your case. However, the information they provide can greatly help you establish reasonable doubt in your defense. Rhode Island DWI defense lawyer Matthew Marin can inform you about using expert testimony to supplement other effective strategies.

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