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Cycling and Drinking

Thanks to the efforts of groups such as Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) and increasingly aggressive measures by law enforcement agencies, the perils of drinking and driving a motor vehicle are well known to the average American. However, recent data suggests another deadly trend that may need to be addressed.

Largely ignored for the past several decades, the issue of people drinking and operating a bicycle has now come to light as a growing problem, as more and more individuals choose this form of transportation over passenger vehicles. Studies have shown that riding a bike requires a greater degree of motor skills than driving, and that, as with operating a car, these skills decrease drastically when affected by alcohol consumption.

A report by the US Department of Transportation (DOT) found that:

  • One out of every three fatal accidents involving bicyclists over the age of 15 was linked to alcohol use
  • Over 200 alcohol-impaired bicyclists have been killed in traffic accidents
  • More than 750 cyclists were killed by drunk drivers
  • 1000 alcohol-impaired cyclists sustained incapacitating injuries in traffic accidents

Given the number and nature of such accidents, it is no surprise that authorities have been cracking down hard on drunken cyclists. Many people assume that cycling while intoxicated does not merit the same level of law enforcement response as driving under the influence. However, we fail to remember that biking while drunk can pose a danger to others beyond the cyclist, as poor coordination can significantly interfere with traffic and put anyone nearby at risk of injury.

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