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Club Crawls

Clubs are often located close to one another, making it easy for individuals to visit several different clubs and bars in a single night. You may have gone on a club crawl with your friends or as part of a sponsored event. Often, these events include large numbers of individuals who consume numerous drinks throughout the evening. If a problem arises, law enforcement may blame you for something you didn’t do just because you are near irresponsible individuals.

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Guilt by Association

While going out with friends can be incredibly fun for everyone involved, it is possible for you to be accused of breaking the law even if you do nothing wrong. There are environmental dangers of club crawling that could influence other people’s drinking habits and their subsequent actions, including:

  • Inexpensive drink specials
  • Promoter and peer pressure
  • Drinking games

If you are acting responsibly while on a club crawl, but those around you are not, it is possible that a law enforcement officer may charge you with an alcohol-related crime just because you were around people who were acting irresponsibly.

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