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Characteristics of Intoxication

The social and private consumption of alcohol is a longstanding part of American culture. When handled responsibly, there is little reason for concern. However, it has been clearly established that drinking alcohol can severely impair a motorist’s ability to safely operate his or her vehicle. To limit the danger for those on or near the roadway, there are laws in each state to penalize drunk driving. While the specific punishments and certain subtle features vary, the creation of a fixed measure (usually blood alcohol content) by which a driver can be deemed intoxicated is standard.

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The Definition of Intoxication

Beyond the so-called “legal limit”, which refers to the BAC at which a person is subject to criminal penalties for driving under the influence, there are qualitative measures that suggest to a law enforcement officer that an individual is intoxicated. This typically includes:

  • Evidence that a person’s mental clarity is impaired due to alcohol consumption
  • Evidence that a person’s physical capacities and motor skills are hampered due to alcohol consumption
  • Behavior and actions inconsistent with those expected of a sober individual

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