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Bicycling While Intoxicated

A bicycle may seem like a much better alternative to a car to get home when you are drunk. Bicycles are slower than cars and less likely to cause serious injury to others than cars are. However, while drinking and hopping on a bicycle may seem like no big deal, it can have deadly consequences.

In Rhode Island, you may be pulled over for cycling while intoxicated. While the charges you face are likely not as serious as those for driving drunk, you may still find yourself with a criminal record if convicted. If you have been charged with bicycling while intoxicated, contact Rhode Island DUI defense lawyer Matthew Marin today for assistance with your case.

The Dangers of Bicycling Under the Influence

The thought of a drunk cyclist may seem more funny than dangerous, but drunk cycling is a very serious matter. A drunk cyclist is less able to balance on the bike, to make safe turns, and to react quickly to obstructions in the road, including pedestrians. An intoxicated bicyclist that veers into the road may cause other drivers to swerve and crash, or the bicyclist may hit a curb, causing serious head trauma.

Penalties for Bicycling While Intoxicated

If you are pulled over for bicycling while intoxicated, charged, and convicted, you may face penalties similar to those for drunk driving, including:

  • Driver’s license suspension
  • Monetary fines
  • Enrollment in a drunk driving course or alcohol treatment program

While bicycling may be safer for you and everyone else than driving drunk, if you are intoxicated consider calling a friend to take you home, call a taxi, or if you are within walking distance, walk your bike home. If you feel at all unsteady it is better to be safe than to try to bike home and risk getting injured or causing an accident.

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