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BAC for Women

The term “lightweight” is often heard in connection with alcohol consumption. It originates from the fact that people react differently to different amounts of alcohol. Though blood alcohol content is used for the purpose of determining intoxication in criminal cases, BAC is not an exact science. Many complicated factors play into a blood alcohol percentage. A man may have two drinks and be well under the legal limit, whereas a woman who has the same drinks in the same amount may have a BAC that exceeds the legal limit of .08.

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Factors Affect Female BAC

As a woman, it is important to understand the reasons why your BAC will be likely to exceed a man’s. This knowledge can help you to adapt your drinking to limit the likelihood that you will be found in violation of the legal limit. The following are female characteristics that affect BAC:

  • Higher levels of water in blood stream
  • More fat tissue than men
  • Lower ADH levels than men
  • Frequent changes in hormone levels
  • More variable body temperatures

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