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Alcohol and Social Host Laws

There are a lot of responsibilities that accompany hosting a party or social event. When alcoholic beverages are involved, the responsibilities dramatically increase. If someone drinks too much at your party and gets into a car accident on their way home, you may be liable for damages under social host laws.

Rhode Island Law

In the state of Rhode Island, it is illegal to furnish alcohol to minors. While there are several states that have exceptions to this law, Rhode Island does not. Anyone who contributes to the sale or distribution of alcohol to persons under the age of 21 is guilty of a criminal offense.

Additionally, Rhode Island has passed laws which make it illegal to allow the consumption of alcohol by minors in your home. If you do not take the necessary action to stop their consumption, you may be held liable. Police departments have been granted additional funds to investigate cases in which intoxicated minors are involved in car accidents.

These new laws are part of an initiative to end underage drinking, as it has been linked to increases in:

  • Drunk driving accidents
  • Sexual assault
  • Violence

If convicted of furnishing minors with alcohol, adults can face probation, steep fines, incarceration, and be held liable for damages accrued as the result of an intoxicated minor.

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