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Alcohol and Other Drugs

We all know that alcohol consumption can have serious effects when not kept in check, both in the short term and long term. However, mixing even the smallest amount of alcohol with other drugs often leads to very serious complications.

Every substance you ingest works chemically within your body, breaking down and interacting with other chemicals in complex biological and neurological processes. This means that multiple drugs in one’s system very rarely act with full independence on either a mental or physiological level.

Too often, those who choose to experiment with drugs mix alcohol with other substances in order to experience new sensations without understanding the risks. For example, drinking alcohol and consuming marijuana can significantly reduce certain muscle responses, such as the gag reflex, which exists as an emergency bodily response to choking. When combined with opiates like heroin, alcohol can slow down your central nervous system, even to the point of a coma.

Sleeping pills, anti-anxiety and anti-depressive drugs, and even some common painkillers can significantly heighten the depressive physiological effects of alcohol and impair the process of absorbing the drugs themselves. If the instructions of your doctor or pharmacist advise against the consumption of alcohol, the best option in every case is to simply find the willpower not to drink.

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